Wide range of Havells Ceiling Fans

Havells India Limited is an FMEG company which entered the fan market in the year 2003. Over the years, Havells has come to be associated with stylish ceiling fans with superior finishes. Apart from aesthetics, Havells ceiling fans also score high on efficiency. There are various types of ceiling fans by Havells under various categories such as Premium Underlight, Regular, Special Finish, Energy Saving, Smart and Decorative.

Consider the following models if you are looking for a high-quality havells ceiling fan under 1500 INR and more.


Momenta ceiling fan has uniquely designed blades which deliver air to all corners of the room. The blade sweep is 1320 mm while the air delivery rate is 210 CMM. Top speed of the fan is 180 RPM. LED light is present on the underside of the fan, which is controlled by a remote. Power consumed by the fan is 70W. The architectural bronze finish makes the fan aesthetically appealing.


Ebony ceiling fan has an oil rubbed bronze plate finish which makes for eye-catching aesthetics. The 15 W LED lamp is present underneath the fan which is operated by a remote. Blade sweep is 1320 mm, and the unique design ensures that air flow is efficient. The maximum speed of the fan is 210 RPM, and the air flow rate is 210 CMM. The power rating of the motor is 70W.


Octet ceiling fan is highly stylish in appearance due to wooden finish of its blades and electroplating with brushed nickel finish. The fan has four-speed settings controlled by a remote. There are 8 uniquely designed blades, hence the name. The blade sweep is 1320 mm. The highest speed of the fan is 290 RPM. Air is delivered at a rate of 280 CMM. The power rating of the motor is 88W.


Florence has electroplated aluminium blades which are designed to provide good air delivery. There are a number of finishing options such as black antique copper, black antique brass, black antique nickel and two-tone nickel gold. The rated speed of the fan is 300 RPM. Air delivery rate is 215 CMM. Blade sweep is 1200 mm. The motor consumes 75 W power.


Yorker is a 4 blade fan which is electroplated and has a brushed nickel appearance. The power rating of the fan is 82W. The blade sweep is 1320 mm. Air delivery provided by the fan is 260 CMM, and the top speed is 300 RPM.


Efficienca is an energy-efficient ceiling fan because it consumes just 32 W of power. Even with low power consumption, this fan has a top speed of 350 RPM and generates airflow at the rate of 225 CMM. Blade sweep is 1200 mm. The colour of the fan is pearly white.

Fusion ES 

Fusion ES is a five-star energy rated ceiling fan saving 33% more energy than fans of comparable models. Power consumption is just 52 W. Blade sweep is 1200 mm. The speed rating is 350 RPM, and air flow rate is 215 CMM. The fan has a pearl ivory gold appearance.

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