Efficient Fan

Which Type of Fan Gives More Air?

A fan is an electrical device that is used for creating air. The fan consists of blades that rotate when it is switched on. Fans can be classified into a ceiling fan, table fan, wall mount fan, tower fan, exhaust fan, pedestal fan, and floor fan. Firstly, determine what type of fan you need to install. To do that, you need to consider the room size, fan size, blade length, fan material, etc.

For a fan to produce more air, there are various factors to consider. Following are the few factors:

Efficient Fan

  • Room size

Determine the room size for selecting a suitable fan size. A bigger room needs more air circulation, and selecting a wrong size fan will put the efforts down. For a larger room, there is an option to go for two fans.

  • Height from the ceiling

It is required to consider the height of the fan from the ceiling. It must be almost 12 inches height from the ceiling for good airflow. If the fan is too far or close to the ceiling, the fan does not give much air.

  • Motor

The motor in the fan is very important for good airflow. The motor determines the high-power and performance of the fan. Check for a DC motor that consumes less power. They run for longer life, silent operation, and can select up to 6 level speeds.

  • RPM

The RPM lets you know the speed of the blades. It is the revolution per minute. For the best airflow, select a fan with 6-speed settings varying from low to the highest speed.

  • CFM

The best fan is considered with the CFM measurement. The fan with the highest CFM delivers more air. The best fan ranges over 6000 CFM, whereas a better one ranges between 5000 and 6000.

  • Blade size

A large and wide fan blade creates air slowly compared to short and narrow blades. Even if the motor is high-powered and the blades are large, the airflow will be less compared to the small and narrow blades.

  • Control

Nowadays, there are options like remote, pulling chain or wall control to operate the fan. The pulling chain control is very easy to change the speed of the fan and to turn it on or off. The remote option can be used from anywhere in the room to control the fan. The wall switch controls the light and fan. When one leaves the room, it automatically turns off the fan. In some fans, there is a combo of remote and wall control or remote and pulling chain option.

Due to the advanced technology, all the above factors decide the best fan for good airflow. The higher number of blades makes the fan move slowly, and they are more expensive than the other fans. They also have aerodynamic drag while the fan is running. Also, remember that the speed of the fan is different from cooling the room. It only gives air circulation and cools the person in the room.

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