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Which is Best – Inkjet or Laser Printer?

When you shop for printers, technically all will seem to be the same for you. Sometimes, the differences between the types may even seem not that of a big deal. This is especially true when you are considering an inkjet or laser printer for your home or office. Yes, both printers have a place in both home and offices. But you need to know the difference to make a well-informed decision.

This article will show the difference between those two printers in 4 aspects to help you see which one is for you.

Inkjet Printer

Upfront cost

No matter what type of printer you intend to buy, often your budget decides for you. Generally, laser printers are expensive when you compare them to good inkjet printers. The technology in inkjet printers are less complex, and that is why it costs less to manufacture.

But the ink cartridges for inkjet printers can be quite expensive. It is safe to say that it costs less to buy a new inkjet printer than a set of new ink cartridges.

On the long run, inkjet printers might cost you more than the laser printers. So, you need to consider how often you will print.

Print quality

The quality of the prints depends on the quality of toner powder and liquid ink. Inkjet printers’ ink has dyes and pigments, which can bring subtle colours to the image and photos. On the other hand, laser printers are not made to do photo printing. They rely on halftone dots for creating specific colours on the document. Even if the model of a laser printer can give a high-quality image, most of the time, the process is inconvenient. But they are good for text printing, which is capable of giving crisp and clear letterforms in the paper.

Cost of printing

Another area where these two types differ is the cost of the toner and ink. You can say that liquid printer ink is one of the most costly liquids on earth because it is a highly designed product. They are capable of mixing and giving the necessary colours to the image. For laser printers, the toner is expensive, but the prints per page are cheap. This is opposite for inkjet printers.

Printer size

One of the things that most buyers don’t give a thought about printers is the size of the model. Printers do vary in design and size. The laser printers are large and heavy when you compare it with inkjet printers. So, if your workspace is limited, it is best to go for inkjet printer because it can fit in small places.


In the end, it all boils down to your needs and preferences. If you need it for home use for a small number of printouts, then inkjet printer can do the job. The initial cost is low, and if you choose to replace the ink cartridges rather than buying them, it will also cost very less. On the other hand, if you want fast and high-quality images, go for laser printers.

Hope this helps you to find the right one.

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