Weighing Scale

Which Brand is Best for Weighing Scale?

You might want to keep a watch on your weight. It applies to anyone who is underweight as well as overweight. Even those who are of the ideal weight prefer to have a weighing scale at home.

This way, you can be sure that you are not losing control and gaining weight. When you are buying a weighing machine, the weighing scale has to be accurate and precise.

Weighing Scale

Comparing the weighing scales

There are several weighing scales in the market. The latest scales are built with attractive features. But, the points you need to compare when you are thinking of buying weighing scales include

  • Accuracy- The weighing scale you choose should be able to give your correct weight.
  • Lightweight- A light weighing scale is easy to store.
  • Capacity- The weighing scale must measure at least 180-250 kgs
  • Advanced features- The weighing scales would have special features top measure BMR. BMI and other types of fats.

Best weighing scales in India

 The best weighing scales in India include

Dr.Trust Zen Digital weighing scale (electronic)- This body weighing scale can measure up to 180kg bodyweight. It has rechargeable batteries. It gives accurate readings. It also has a room temperature display. It also has an auto-off function and low battery indicator.

RENPHO Smart body fat scale-It is an FDA approved BMI weighing scale. The weighing limit of this scale is 180 Kgs. It can be synced with the app on your smartphones. You can compare your progress. You can get your entire body composition and measurement in the form of a graph.

Healthsense PS 126 Digital personal body weight scale (ultra-lite)- These weighing scales feature 4G sensors. This means you can get accurate readings to the nearest graduation of 100gm. You can get your weight in pounds, stone, or kg by changing the settings. The design is great. There is a backlight also.

Mi Body Composition Scale– It is a smart weighing scale with a good design. It has an anti-slip finish. It has several additional features. They are BMI, visceral fat measurement, basal metabolism, and much more. You can sync this smart scale with your smartphone. You will get valuable data using MI fit app. You can also link this weighing scale to Mi fit band. It will help in detailed tracking.

Autofit Body Fat Analyser Smart Scale– This weighing scale measures nearly 15 body metrics accurately. It has app sync data and blue tooth connectivity features. It will help you to access the measurements graphically. The BIA technology helps in getting precise readings. It is fit for multi-users. It is capable of maintaining a database of up to 16 users.

You can choose one of the best weighing scales in India. Choose depending on the purpose for which you are buying it. You can choose a weighing scale with advanced features. Then you will be able to sync it with your phone or band. You can go in for a simple weighing scale if you only want to keep track of your weight.

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