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What are the advantages of having paper shredder without basket?

A paper shredder without a basket is very small in size which contains only the shredding part along with the motor to shred the paper. They are compact which doesn’t take a large amount of space inside the home or office. So, if you are searching for a shredder that is small enough to fit under the desk or store away in a closet, then this type is ideal for you.

Why do you need a paper shredder without a basket?

There are several reasons why people go for a small-sized paper shredder rather than the normal one with the basket. The main reason is that it saves space because it has a small footprint.

This type of paper shredder is mainly used at home, especially when you need a shredder occasionally for confidential documents. Documents like a bank statement, or papers containing addresses or credit card numbers got to be destroyed.

Some people might think that it might not be as good as the regular one. But the truth is that they have many advantages for specific needs.

Advantages of a paper shredder without basket

  1. Compactness

Some people like to store their shredders in a closet or desk. This is because the person uses it occasionally. Since these shredders are lightweight and portable, it is easy to take out and use for shredding some documents.

For occasional use, there is no need to have the paper shredder available around the clock. It significantly saves the floor space and gives you more room available. You can keep it under the desk, on the table, or in a kitchen cupboard as you require.

  1. Travel with ease

Some people travel to a lot of places for work reasons. So a small paper shredder without a basket is desirable in this case because it requires very little space. You can use it anywhere in your travels to shred a piece of a confidential document. This is because it is easy to carry around and set it up.

  1. Cost

The cost involved with the no basket type of paper shredder is comparatively less than a regular one. It is an ideal investment to protect yourself against identity theft if you have occasional sensitive documents.


As with any product, a paper shredder with no basket also has disadvantages. Some of them are:

  1. It cannot do heavy-duty shredding.
  2. Less powerful.
  3. Cannot shred multiple pages.
  4. The feed opening can be very small in models, so you need to fold the papers before shredding it.
  5. Can jam often.

The bottom line

Whether a paper shredder with no basket is a good option or not, is entirely dependent on you. If you travel a lot and need a shredder on-the-go, then this type is ideal for you. But if you are looking for big business, you have to go for the regular one.

There is no doubt that this type is advantageous only for some people. So, assess your situation to see whether what type you need before you make a good investment.

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