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Type of Mosquito Window Net in India

People like to close their windows even during the summers because to avoid the mosquito bites, even if it is too hot. If this is your case the use mosquito window net and it could solve your problem. With this, you can keep your windows open and get fresh air to breathe.

To decrease the bill of your electricity, use this method and off the fans and A.C instead of this open window and get some light and good breeze into your home. Sometimes it is nice to keep the windows open and sleep. With mosquito window net there is no way of getting the mosquitoes to get inside.

Read the following article to know more about the types, pros, and corns of the mosquito net.

mosquito net

Types of mosquito window nets

The types of mosquito nets are as follows:

  1. For window

This is the most common and best way to keep the mosquitoes out of the home. You have more types to choose mosquito nets in the market.

  1. For door

Some people like to keep their doors open in that case this will come to use and protect from the mosquitoes. It depends on the type of house they have. It will help you to fight with these plagues.

  1. For bed

This type of mosquito net is huge/big, and it is the size of your bed. Most of the time the mosquitoes will bit in the night, with this net you can able to avoid this problem.

  1. For bunk/cot

Bodies are the main target to bit for mosquitoes. This is a good idea to get mosquito nets for your cots. By this, you can avoid the mosquito bites.

  1. For strollers

This is when you are camping with a lot of children then it will come use.

  1. For travelling

This type of mosquito nets is useful when you are travelling or trucking and camping there in the forest. You can use it like a tent also.

Pros and cons of the mosquito net

By now you know more about the mosquito nets. Some of the pros and cons of mosquito nets are:

Pros of the mosquito net are as follows:

  • It will keep all types of insects and mosquitoes out of your house.
  • You get a nice sleep even after keeping windows open.
  • Light and wind can pass through so that you feel good.

Cons of the mosquito net is as follows:

  • You must fix them by yourself.
  • Some types of nets will make your problem open the windows and doors.
  • Time-consuming to install them.


As you know, there are so many varieties of mosquito nets in the market. You must use them properly, and you need to know what kind of nets to use and where to put them. Then only you can keep the mosquitoes out from home. If there is a small mistake to choose, then mosquitoes will come inside the home. Be careful while choosing the mosquito nets.

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