The Benefits of Owning a Hand Mixer In Kitchen

Kitchen appliances that help perform various tasks in cooking are indeed great for making the cooking job interesting and easy. A hand mixer is one such device that helps do a number of functions like pureeing, blending, mixing, whipping, etc. It is a portable and handheld device, as well. It is easy to use. When you choose the right handheld mixer with functions that you would want to use it for in the cooking processes, you can reap a number of benefits.

Benefits of a Hand mixer

The hand mixers feature a motor that is homed in the top portion of the mixer. However, the capacity of the motor and the power generated varies depending on the hand mixers manufactured by different brands. However, the hand mixers can be considered as the modern version of an egg beater. The benefits of hand mixer include

Size– The hand mixer is quite compact. It gets the name stick mixer as it is sleek and slim as a stick. This means it requires only a tiny place for storage. It is easy to store and use.

Functions– The hand mixer can perform a lot of functions that you would expect out of a standard mixer grinder. It includes whipping, beating eggs, blending liquids, pureeing, etc.

Ease of use- The hand mixer can be used to perform the various functions in any bowl. There is no specific jar, as in the case of a normal mixer grinder. This widens the scope for the use of the hand mixer in any bowl

Attachments- Like the mixer grinders, the stick mixer also features a number of attachments, each of them meant for a specific function. Though one blade would suffice for most of the functions, you may get the expected results if you change the attachments. However, the attachments are quite easy to remove, clean, and change.

Weight- The hand mixers are typically light in weight. It would be something for about two pounds. This means you can handle it easily with one hand while you use the other hand to hold the bowl in which you have the items on which you are about to use the blender.

Durability– When you use it properly and handle it with care, you can be assured of the durability of the stick mixer. But, you must buy hand mixers from the well-known brand. Going in for inexpensive ones would be disappointing in the performance as well as a durability point of view.

Easy to clean– As you know, there is no need for special efforts to clean the hand mixer blade. You can detach the blade attachments easily and clean it by showing it under a running water tap. You may use mild and safe cleaning bars or dishwash liquids if necessary.

Material-The hand mixers are made of fiberglass or quality plastics. The material offers ample protection to the motor that is homed inside them. The blades and attachments are of stainless steel. This means that it does not contain parts made of materials that are harmful to health.

Buy a stick mixer from a reputed brand to reap the benefits mentioned above.

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