Should You Take a Backpack or Duffel Bag on Your Next Trip?

A bag is your best companion while traveling! You must ensure proper quality and kind of bag before beginning the trip. An appropriate bag will carry all your valuables in a hassle-free manner. Depending on your national or international trip, you have to keep a whole lot of aspects in mind. Be it safety, security, or convenience to carry the bag; an ideal bag should have all in one. There is almost a minimal gap in gender-based travel bags these days.

Women and men can carry similar kinds of bags with full ease. Most of the people love to carry a backpack during traveling. It is one of the most accessible kind of bag to carry, move, store, and maintain. However, some people prefer to have a duffel bag as their trip companion. Let us look at the differences between them. We will also figure out that which one of these is better for your next trip:


  1. Storage space

The primary purpose of a bag is to fulfill the requirements of storage space. Therefore, the first aspect to consider is the accommodative power of the bag. Talking of the space, let us make it pretty clear that the equal size of duffel bags usually have more space than the backpacks. However, there are a lot of sizes available in both these kinds of bags. But, a flat-based duffel bag has more accommodative power as it is more stretchable.

  1. Flexibility

Flexibility implies to the versatility that the bag has to offer. Imagine going for a trek and carrying a duffel bag! It does not look possible, isn’t it? A backpack is more versatile and easy-going than a duffel bag. You can readily carry it on your back comfortably, whether it is a mountain trip or a beachy one.

  1. Security

One of the most essential concerns while choosing bags should be the security and safety. You must have seen suitcases bags with codes on it for safety purposes. A very few brands of backpack and duffel bags manufacture bags with a safety lock system. Otherwise, most of these bags do not have a chain lock system.

  1. Ease of travel

Without a doubt, a backpack is more convenient for traveling. Backpacks come with padded straps that can help in comforting your shoulder, if you do not overfill the bag. However, traveling with a duffel bag is comparatively harder. It is because you need to carry these bags with your hands.

  1. Durability

Both backpack and duffel bags could be an amazing deal if you pay little attention to these things. Make sure to check the zip quality, the stretchability of the bag, water-resistant property, and extra paddings; all these properties hold an essential consideration in travel bag shopping. Both of them are equally durable, depending upon how you use and maintain it.

  1. Cost-effective

Duffel bags are usually cheaper than the backpacks. However, if you go with a rolling duffel bag, it will cost you some additional penny.

We hope you learned about both the bags. Thanks for reading!

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