Reza Irani

Reza Irani Kermani – Founder of Black Pearl Capital – Biography Details

Reza Irani Kermani is popularly known for co-founding the Black Pearl Capital, along with Abbas Jafarian. Being founded in 2007, the company deals with investing in other promising companies. However, this is one of the many achievements he has made in his life.

Early years:-

Reza Irani was born in Tehran and completed his schooling from Lycée Razi, a French School. He then completed his high schooling from Complexe Scolaire de Valbonne in France and got his International Baccalaureate.

Reza Irani

His following education was pursued in Birmingham in the United Kingdom, where he studied Production Engineering and Commerce. This degree from the University of Birmingham could very well be termed as the turning point of his career as he started with his work field and there was no looking back.

Dedication to work:-

Reza Irani Kermani’s first job was at MIT (Management Investment and Trade Ltd) where he worked as a clerk. Following that, he became a trader in 1990 and was them promoted as the General Manager in the year 1991. Under his able management, MIT became prosperous and became one of the largest trading entities in foreign exchange in the world.

Ge then soon realised that MIT won’t grow as fast and rapidly as he wishes, especially after MKS sold their shares of the business to Po Sang Bank of China. Though Reza was in charge of running the London office, the red tape in Chinese hierarchy would be an impediment to the growth.

In 1997, Reza Irani Kermani joined Abela Corporation as a board member. The company operated in over 44 countries and focused on catering, supermarkets life support genres. He continued to work with the company until Mr Albert Albela, the owner of the company, passed away.


Besides just the Black Pearl Capital, Reza was also involved in another initiative as he co-founded Symphony Partners alongside Abbas Jafarian in the year 2000. The company mainly dealt with trading portfolios and real estate asset management.

It was only after the success of Symphony Partners that the duo thought about jointly founding the Black Pearl Capital, one of the major bright spots in the shining career of Reza Irani Kermani.

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