Hasan Lakhani

Muhammad Hasan Lakhani Biography: Lakhani’s Kitchen Customer & Fund Service Dubai

Muhammad Hasan Lakhani, the name that has made a buzz in the whole of Dubai is a hotelier by profession and has stormed the hospitality service with his impeccable skills of the hotel manager. Hasan Lakhani, a man with the aim of establishing himself as the leading hotelier in the city of Dubai hails from Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Within a small period of time, Lakhani has made a name for himself by being a thorough professional in him field. A known and famous general hotel manager, Hasan Lakhani comes from a very humble background. Impeccable service and satiating customer service is what has made him the success that he is today.

Hasan Lakhani

Utilizing the opportunities that came his way and learning from setbacks has made Lakhani the owner of chained restaurants in Dubai. And he has no plans of stopping here but he aims to establish himself as the leading general manager of hotels and restaurants. The hospitality sector is his core field and he has gained enough skills and knowledge regarding the sector.

Hasan Lakhani started his own restaurant named as Lakhani’s Kitchen that has recently gained him popularity and love among his customers. That is why he has been getting great reviews both for his managerial skills and the quality of service he provides through his restaurants.

Coming from humble background never deterred Mr. Lakhani to stop dreaming about his ideas and dreams. He used all the means at his disposal to make a name for himself and his restaurant.

Professional Career:

Lakhani, in his initial days started his career in Dhaka studying at a local culinary school in Dhaka from where he learnt about the skills that has made him reach here which probably he never thought of.

Hasan Lakhani Dubai worked in his initial days at small restaurants and hotels to gain skills, expertise and knowledge of the field. At whatever level he worked, he never failed to impress his mentors and seniors. He always received warm reviews from the customers, that made him confident about his goals and ambition.

Within a span of small time, he shifted to Dubai to pursue his dreams. It has been five years now and Lakhani has made a name for himself. Despite having financial hardships and dark clouds around him, he never gave up and utilized every opportunity in his favor.

After launching Lakhani’s Kitchen in Dubai, he has just monetized his skills into a business which is giving him great returns both in terms of money and name. The rave reviews by visitors with regards to food, service and theme of the restaurant has been a talking point.

Total Assets and Source of Income:

The total worth of Muhammad Hasan Lakhani is not known. His major source of income comes from his restaurant named Lakhani’ Kitchen along with some investments he made in shares, government bonds, and mutual funds.

Date of Birth: September 15, 1985.

Hobbies and Personal Life:

Hasan Lakhani being born in a middle-class family had very difficult times in his childhood and growing years. Always being troubled by financial difficulties, Lakhani had dark clouds around him making his life full of misery.

Being born in a humble family which hails from the suburbs of Dhaka, Bangladesh, Lakhani never thought of following hobbies due to lack of resources. But whenever he got free time, he would place football which is his favorite. He is an avid fan of Leonel Messi, the legendary footballer of today’s time. He generally watches football matches whenever he gets time from his business.

Lakhani is a workaholic and punctual in his work. He believes in high business ethics and remains grounded despite being successful in his ventures.

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