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How To Use Dry Meat Rubs

Dry meat rubs are quite different from the marinades used in meat because they impart flavor and texture to the meat. But if you don’t have time to marinate, dry rubs can be your ‘last minute’ option for seasoning meats quickly.

In cooking the meat, there are different ways to bring out, enhance, and create flavors that may require a whole lifetime to explore and perfect them all.

This article will help you to learn how to use dry meat rubs, which are the most simple and rewarding methods of flavoring meat.

Select the type of meat

Might seem an obvious point, but some people think that dry meat rubs are for specific meats only. But the truth is you can use it on any meat like chicken, fish, lamb, beef, pork, and even goat meat.

If this is your first time trying meat rubs, go for the type of meat you are used to cooking. This way, it will be easy for you to know the process and easy for you to compare the end results with regular ones.

Choose the dry rub

Generally, grocery stores have set aside an aisle for grilling supplies, and there you can find dry meat rubs. Select the rub which can give you the flavor you like.

There are multiple options of dry meat rubs available in the market, and some might be specific to a meat type. You can find about it in the label of the product.

Rinse the meat

Make sure you rinse the meat in the sink with cold water after you remove it from the packaging. This is a simple and quick way to wash the surface contaminants from the meat.

Also, this is always a healthy step to do before you cook the meat because you remove the contaminants from what is left from packing and processing the store-bought meat.

Remove the water from the meat.

Use paper towels to blot the meat of water that remains on the surface after the rinsing step.

Coat the meat

Make sure to apply a generous amount of any oil on the meat and coat the entire surface of it. If needed, brush or massage the meat with your hands to get a nice even coating.

Apply dry meat rub

For this step, it is recommended to use the wet and dry hand method. Use your one hand to apply the meat rub and the other hand to rub the seasoning powder into the meat forcibly. If the size of the meat is large, then coat it with the dry rub on both its sides.

Make sure to have a coating of the dry meat rub over the entire outer surface of the meat. Remember, the more you apply the dry rub, the more flavors you will get.

Grill the meat

Once the application step is done, transfer it to the grill. You can cook the meat as you normally would. Ensure that the internal temperature of the meat is heated to a safe level with the help of a meat thermometer.

After the meat is done, serve as per your preference.

The bottom line

You can instantly notice the difference in the flavour when you eat the meat. They are a big help, especially when you have unexpected guests coming over. So, next time when you are out of ideas for cooking meat, dry meat rubs can save the day for you.

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