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How To Use An Oven Toaster Griller (OTG)

The (OTG) oven toaster griller is the best choice for bakers because of its easy baking features. Here are the points on how to use the OTG. Know how to preheat and other functions here.

Most of the OTG oven looks the same. But each of it works differently.

The accessories in the OTG

  • Wire rack 

The wire rack is utilised for baking and toasting. You can set the baking tray on the wire rack.

  • Non-stick baking tray 

This is most useful for baking the bread and pizza. You can also bake the cookies in the tray.

  • Crumb tray 

This tray always is placed in the OTG Ovens. This helps to keep the floor of the oven neat and clean. If any food item falls in it you can clean it and put it inside.

  • Rotisserie rod 

This type of rod is used when you want to cook meat in the oven.

  • Tongs 

The tongs will aid you to pull out the baking tray when the baking is over.

The inside of the OTG oven 

The oven contains the groves along the walls. In some types of ovens the groves are not there in the whole wall. This may tilt the tray when you try to insert it inside. You will be able to set the baking tray or the wire rack in one of the groves. There are adjustments also so you can keep the tray as per your need.

If the oven you require contains a convection setting then it will have a fan also. This will help in air circulation and assist in perfect baking. There are lights in the oven also for indications.

The types of knobs 

  • The temperature knob 

The lowest temperature is the 100c and the highest is 250.

  • The function knob 

This knob aids you to set the oven in different modes. You can set it according to your preference. You can turn on the knob for the functions to bake.

  • The timer 

The max time in the timer is 90 minutes. By using the timer bypass function you can turn on the oven for a longer time. It will power off only if you do it manually.

  • Preheating 

Preheating is an essential step in cooking by using the microwave oven. Now let’s learn how to preheat in the OTG. When baking first make sure if the oven is heated with the particular temperature. This is the process of preheating. The preheating process in the OTG takes about 10 to 15 minutes. But it may differ according to the oven. Start with preheating the oven to ensure if the oven is ready for baking.

Firstly to preheat set the rack in the oven. Check with the thermometer on the rack. This has to be kept on the spot and the level where you are supposed to place the baking tray.

Close the door and start the function. The indicator lights of the oven will keep on going. Then after this process you can put in the batter to bake. Set the right time and then the cake will start to bake.

These are some of the important functions you can keep in mind while baking using the Oven toaster grill.

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