Induction Cooktop

How To Use an Induction Cooktop First Time?

Amazing technology is utilized in an induction cooktop. The part that the pan touches only gets heated when it comes in contact with the cooktop. So if you use only half of the cooktop by placing a pan on one half, only that section gets heated up, and the rest half is not. This technology saves lots of energy and also minimizes the occurrence of hard burns.

Let us take a look at some steps for a beginner or first-time users of an Induction Cooktop:

1-Right pan types that are meant for induction have to be used on the induction stove. These pans have some iron on the bottom side. This is essential to transfer energy from the cooktop to the iron and which subsequently heats the pan.

Hence, suitable pans or cookware for induction cooktop are:

  • Magnetizable bottomed stainless steel
  • Cast iron
  • Steel of enamel coat

2-One can test the pans that you already have for iron. This can be done by placing a magnet at the pan bottom. If the magnet sticks, then the iron present is sufficient enough, or purchasing new pans is advised.

For optimum cooking use, select pans that have smaller diameters than external most marking but larger diameters than the internal most marking. This is for the pan to be recognized on the induction. Also, avoid pans/pots with pronounced ridges or edges on the base as they can scratch the cooking ceramic zone. Hence, only smooth based pans and pots are preferable.

3– Switch on the induction cooktop. The directions are variant with each model. One may need to turn a knob while others may need a push on a power button. Check the manual of the model.

4-Place the pan after switching on the induction cooktop. The induction cooktop senses the pot’s/pan’s iron content and then begins to heat up right away.

5-Cook the food for an appropriate time as induction cooktops cook food very quickly as they are more efficient. A portion of food that cooks about 14 mins on a gas stove or a standard cooktop will take only 12 mins on induction.

Safety precautions for an induction cooktop

  • It is only for domestic or similar environments.
  • It is meant for food preparation and warming food.
  • It is not meant for outdoor use.

Tips for saving energy on the Induction cooktop

  • Whenever feasible, make use of a lid to decrease the loss of heat.
  • Choose a smaller pan for smaller food quantities and place them on a small burner. This is because lesser energy is used on a smaller burner as compared to a large one.
  • Cook your food with as little water as possible.
  • Minimize the heat once the food is boiling or the pan gets hot, to a lower setting of power.

No cooking technology is quicker, as does on an induction cooktop. It is efficient and 2-4 minutes faster than a standard cooktop. This cooktop is life-changing with its energy-saving and safe cooking features. It is easy to handle, use, and set up even for first-time users.

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