Cheese Slicer

How to Use a Cheese Slicer

Cheesy dishes make a meticulous impact on our taste buds! The longing for cheese increases due to this outstanding attribute of it. If you are somebody who cannot ingest a pizza or sandwich without cheese, this article is definitely for you. Slicing of cheese on the top of your favorite dishes enhances their taste. One cannot utterly take the cheese and crush it to seat over the food! Haha, we know none of us do this; therefore, we require a kitchen tool known as a cheese slicer.

Cheese slicers come in a variety of options, ranging from different prices to brands. Choosing the right cheese slicer is itself a tough challenge. However, once you have made your choice, the accurate way to use it becomes the next provocation. Consider it as ”Life is a paradise of never-ending challenges!”. Let us look at the precise way of using a cheese slicer:

Cheese Slicer

  1. Decide the kind of cheese slicer you require

You can choose from a variety of options if we talk of the cheese slicer. Let us look at some of them along with the way of using them:

  • The roller cheese slicer contains a roller, handle, and a metal wire. You roll the slicer from front to down by firmly holding the handle. It ensures even cutting of the cheese slices. You can also customize the thickness of the slices.
  • The most popular one is the wire cheese slicer. It also contains a wire, a handle, and a special cutting board where you place the cheese. It is exclusively designed for cutting firm cheese.
  • The next one is the plain cheese slicer. It comes with a handle and a plain blade attached to its handle. When you slice the blade down to the cheese, it cuts the cheese into thin slices.
  1. Take out the cheese from fridge to room temperature

Cheese is usually stored in the fridge whether it is in your home or food stores. To be able to slice the cheese readily without any hassle, you require bringing out the cheese out of the fridge. It will help to bring up the temperature of the cheese and prep it for slicing. Remove the wrapper of the desired area of use, and let it stay at room temperature for 5 to 10minutes.

  1. Read the instructions provided in the cheese slicer manual

We are not aware of the cheese slicer brand that you own. However, reading the instructions in the manual will always help you to stay safe and complete the work faultlessly.

  1. Set the desired thickness

If you are using a roller slicer, loosen the screws on the sides to set the thickness. While, if you are using a cutting board slicer, you can manually adjust the thickness by placing the cheese accurately on the board.

  1. Decide the number of slices required & slice

It will help you to cut the exact number of slices to avoid it making extra cheesy, or running out of cheese in a pizza.

  1. Don’t forget to clean the slicer thoroughly after use

Always make sure to wash the cheese slicer after every use. Not doing so can decrease the blade sharpness and increase the growth of harmful microbes.

We hope that you have learned how to slice the cheese till now. Happy slicing guys!

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