How to Clean and Care Your refrigerator

Refrigerators are mainly high-functioning appliances than other kitchen appliances. Refrigerators are used 24×7, and that’s why these need proper maintenance. The average durability of refrigerators is 12-13 years. Refrigerators are used continuously without enough gap, and that’s why many people don’t get long-lasting services from their refrigerators. If you want the best performance from your refrigerator and you want to get a long-lasting service from it, you must take care of your refrigerator. After all, those are machines, and those need some proper maintenance to work fine.

You can divide the cleaning and care into four different segments. These four parts are- weekly maintenance, monthly maintenance, every three months maintenance, and every six-month maintenance. You can take better care of your new refrigerator if you break the maintenance process into these three parts.

The best ways to clean and care your refrigerator

Weekly maintenance:-

Once a week, you must keep time for the cleaning and maintenance of your refrigerator. It’s very much important for the uninterrupted function of the refrigerator. Here is the step by step guide how you can clean your fridge properly:-

  • You must take all the foods, beverages, and vegetables out of the refrigerator.
  • Make sure that there is no trace of pieces or threads of food inside.
  • Take out the removable shelves of the refrigerator.
  • Wash the inside surface of the fridge with your hands and soap. Wash every possible corner and make sure that no dirt is left.
  • Wipe the inner surface and the shelves of the refrigerator with clean clothes, sponges, or any other wiping options.

Monthly cleaning:-

You need to clear the ice bin and keep that empty. This is a monthly task. Once a month, you must empty the ice bin. Excessive ice form blocks and adsorbs freezer odor, and that is not good for your refrigerator. So, it should be a monthly task for you to empty the ice bin.

Every three months of maintenance:-

You need to check some factors every three months to keep your refrigerator well.

  • The door gasket is a thing that you must notice. Dirty gaskets don’t allow the fridge door to close tightly. This partially pressurizes the motor. To avoid this kind of inconvenience, you must clean the door gasket at a regular interval if three months.
  • Cleaning the condenser coils is a task that you can’t avoid. Condenser coils are the parts that control the cooling of the refrigerators. These coils don’t work fine when they get dirty or oily. If you want to use your refrigerator without any issues, you must clean the condenser coil after every three months.

Every six months of maintenance:-

You must replace the water filter every six months. Replacing the water filter regularly provides you clean water and ice. This also helps you to avoid unwanted leakages.

All electronic appliances need proper cleaning and maintenance regularly, and in the case of the high-functioning machine like a refrigerator, it needs more care. Take regular care of your refrigerator to get the best performance and benefits.

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