How to Buy a Computer Monitor?

If you travel 10-years back to take a look at the computers; you would find them to be comparatively bulkier than todays. Computers are smaller today, especially the overall size of the monitors. While there were only a few models of monitors available on the market then, we have more than a dozen brands and 100+ models today.

Getting yourself the best computer monitor today might not be an easy task, but, we will guide you to purchase the best.


Monitor for general, professional, or gaming purpose?

For what specific function are you going to use the computer monitor? Three main design variants are general, professional, and gaming use. While all the monitors serve the same basic function, there are several differences between each. Explaining each feature and detail would be a waste of time, therefore, we would provide you the information on what to look for in each type.

General use computer monitors – should have a high-contrast VA panel and should come at a reasonable price.

Professional use – commonly designed for designers and programmers. Should look for color accuracy, warranty, and heavy-duty design.

Gaming use – should look for a high refresh rate and low response time.

  1. Size matters, so does the resolution 

Computer monitors are available in different sizes, most commonly 24-inch and 27-inch monitors are what Indians prefer. However, you must know that, no matter what the screen size is, if the resolution is low, then the monitor is worthless. Remember, as the size of the screen increases, the resolution you consider should also increase. We recommend going for monitors with 4K resolution irrespective of screen size.

  1. TN, IPS, or VA monitor

TN, IPS, VA are three types of panel tech that could come incorporated in a computer monitor. Each type of panel tech offers different result, while TN is the cheapest, the image quality is poor when viewing from the side angles, on the other hand, IPS monitors offer more color quality and better image from side angles, but expensive than TN and VA panels. When compared to both TN and IPS panel, VA offers the best picture contrast.

  1. Curved monitor or not?

This is where most people get confused, a curved monitor is designed in such a way that it could offer a natural experience to the user. However, curved monitors are comparatively expensive. Most commonly, only professionals and gamers consider purchasing a curved monitor. We recommend that you go for curved monitors only if you do not budget limitations.

  1. Inbuilt speakers and connectivity 

A computer monitor with an inbuilt speaker is good if you are planning to use the monitor for general purposes. When it comes to professional or gaming use, an inbuilt monitor might not be efficient, therefore avoid such monitors.

In case of connectivity, there are monitors available on the market that comes with HDMI, USB-C, Mini DisplayPort, and Display ports. We recommend monitors with HDMI connectivity as they offer comparatively better picture quality and could be connected to laptops with HDMI ports.

Each factor mentioned above are just the key basic factors, apart from them, there are in-depth factors like LCD or LED, 4K or 8K, OLED or IPS, etc. however, only an expert could go through such factors.

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