Different Types of Baby Blankets

Different Types of Baby Blankets

Infants need special care when they are sleeping. Especially in winter, it is important to ensure that your little one is having a calm and warm sleep. Baby blankets are the best thing to provide your baby during winters. These blankets are specially made with superior fabrics that keep the infant warm and cosy. If you are a parent, then you would love to buy a unique blanket for your little one.

So, in this article, parents can find the different types of baby blankets available in the market.

Different Types of Baby Blankets

Security blanket

A security blanket provides utmost comfort for the baby. This blanket is made of plush stuffed animals. The security blanket is bouncy that helps the baby to have a peaceful sleep. Also, this blanket is suitable for playtime. It is important to ensure that this blanket is durable as the baby would try to play with the toy animals on it.

Sleep sack blanket

Sleep sacks are a unique and new type of blanket available for babies. Normal sleeping blankets can be dangerous for infants below 12 months. The normal blanket may get tangled, and it may cause breathing trouble to the baby. So, the concept of the sleep sack is simple and keeps the baby safe. The sleep sack is a wearable blanket, and it can be used when putting the baby to sleep on a crib.

Swaddle blanket

Swaddling a newborn is a very common practice in many places. The swaddle blankets serve the purpose of swaddling the baby. This helps to keep the baby undisturbed from its reflexes and movements. Swaddling a baby with a normal baby blanket can be a bit tough and needs practice. Therefore, the swaddle blanket helps the new mothers to swaddle the baby easily and put them to a warm sleep.

Receiving blanket

Receiving blanket is a lightweight blanket that is made of thin fabric. This is an everyday use blanket that many parents invest in. This blanket is used for daily tasks such as putting the baby on the floor, changing diapers, feeding food and more.

Flannel blanket

Flannel blankets are made of silk fabric that makes it smooth and soft. Many infants sleep on blankets that have bright colours and images. This colourful blanket provides comfort and excites the baby.

Cotton blanket

The cotton blanket is the most commonly used blankets for baby. They are comfortable, soft, absorbent and also very affordable. Cotton blankets are suitable in summers. It is also easy to clean and maintain the cotton baby blankets.

Fleece blanket

After a day of playing the baby can have a comfortable and good sleep on a fleece blanket, due to the high comfort, fleece blankets can ease the body pain of the baby and make them energetic the next day.

Thermal blanket

Thermal blankets are the most durable and comfortable blankets available for the baby. This blanket can be used for any task, and the blanket can sustain for more than a year. The thermal blanket is made of easy to maintain and breathable material.

By considering the following baby blanket types and other factors such as price, colour and material, you can choose the best baby blanket for your little one.

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