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Built-In Features Of iPhone

iPhone is like a mini-computer, as it comes with many features and functions. Such features and functions are similar to those in a computer. In this article, we will discuss the basic features that every iPhone has.

Web Browser:

Most users know that iPhone offers the best browsing experience. With iPhone, it is easy for users to carry out searches. The iOS doesn’t support the Flash browser plug-in. The iPhone doesn’t need a mobile version. But it is sure, that one will get a full web browser experience on a mobile phone itself.


Coming to the features of the iPhone, they are solid. Such features include

  • Visual Voicemail
  • Free Conference Calls
  • Voice Dialing
  • Text Messaging


It is a known fact that iPhone provides robust email features. It allows you to use email services such as Gmail, etc.

Calendar And Contacts:

iPhone comes with a personal information manager. For key features such as calendar, weather, stocks, the iPhone comes with built-in apps.

Music Player:

The core feature of an iPhone is the music player, which is terrific. Music options on iPhones like iPhone 14 are coming with an interesting option. It has become interesting with the release of the Apple Music service.

Video Playback:

iPhone provides a big screen for video playback. Play some videos from the YouTube application and enjoy the streaming service.


Most of the recent iPhone models come with two cameras. iPhone 11 has a unique three-camera system on the back camera. You can use cameras to record HD or 4K video or to take photographs. Users can enjoy the pro-quality effects along with Portrait Lighting. The Front Camera of the iPhone is for FaceTime video chats. One can take selfies using such a camera.


Coming to the applications, iPhone allows to download the third-party apps freely. Using App Store, you can download social networking apps, productivity apps, etc. The App Store makes the iPhone be a useful mobile phone.

Face ID:

The iPhone X and iPhone 14 come with the Face ID Facial Scanner. This seems to be the hard-to-defeat security system. Hackers or unknown people can’t unlock your phone.

Apple Pay:

Nowadays, net banking and UPI transactions are popular. Apple Pay is one such option that secures your wireless transactions. Based on your security details, the phone performs transactions. To use Apple Pay, add a debit card or credit card and open the Apple Pay account. It is better to use Face ID as security for Apple Pay transactions.


Most iPhones in recent years come with a voice-activated assistant named Siri. One can use Siri to get answers to your questions. Siri automates the actions on your iPhone.

Wireless Charging:

Some of the newer models like the iPhone X, iPhone 14 are coming with the wireless charging system. You don’t have to plug into a cable for charging. You need to place the compatible charging mat for this process. After placing this mat, the battery will automatically topup.

The Bottom Line:

The above article provides the built-in features of an iPhone. Read the article to get a clear view of the basic features of the iPhone.

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