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Best selling models of kitchen chimneys in India

Smoke, gases and heat generated during the cooking process make the kitchen suffocating and also blacken and dirty the kitchen walls. The modern kitchen chimneys use suction force to eliminate the smoke and gases. A lot of factors need to be taken into consideration when looking for kitchen chimneys. These include size, type of filter, suction power, maintenance and price. Kitchen chimneys have become highly popular in Indian households.

Some of the models of Kitchen chimney in India which have found immense favour with the Indian consumers have been discussed here.

Faber 90 cm Auto Clean Chimney 

Faber 90 cm is equipped with a powerful motor which provides a strong suction of 1200 cubic metres/hr. The auto cleaning technology removes the sticky oil and grease particles automatically and deposits them in an oil collector. As far as controls are concerned, the chimney comes in both touch and gesture control. Touch control model has a touch panel just like smartphones for easy operation. Gesture control model is even more futuristic as it interprets hand gestures, and there is no need even to touch the chimney. The chimney is equipped with 2 LED lights which eliminate the need for external lights.

Elicia 90 cm Auto Clean Chimney 

Elicia 90 cm has a toughened glass body, and the design makes it a luxurious addition to the kitchen. The stainless steel baffle filter of the chimney causes oil and other residues to settle inside the baffle, which enables free movement of air between the screens. The suction power of 1200 cubic metres/hr efficiently removes smoke, gases and heat. A heating element which is activated by a button removes the sticky oil particles to an oil collector. The oil collector needs to be cleaned from time to time. Two 2 LED lights are present on the unit. This is an energy-efficient chimney as it consumes just 180 W power.

Bosch 90 cm Chimney 

Bosch 90 cm is a German kitchen chimney. The suction power of 800 cubic metres/hr makes it suitable for kitchens with areas up to 100 square feet and stoves having 3-5 burners. The chimney is fitted with 3 layer baffle filters which are easy to clean. Pushbuttons are present for controlling their operations. LED lights are present on the unit to illuminate the cooking area. The motor has a power rating of 350 W.

HindwareNevio 90 Auto Clean Chimney 

HindwareNevio 90 is an Indian brand. The stainless steel finish of the body imparts it a shiny appearance. The suction power is 1200 cubic metres/hr. The stainless steel baffle filter forces oil and other residues to settle inside the baffle while the auto clean technology transfers the residues from the baffle into an oil collector. One-touch controls are present to operate the chimney. 2 LED lights illuminate the cooking area.

Eurodomo 90 cm Auto Clean Chimney 

Eurodomo 90 cm has a stylish design which enhances the look of the kitchen. 1200 cubic metres/hr suction is enough to remove fumes and smokes in medium and large kitchens. The stainless steel baffle filter traps smoke particles, oily substances and other residues. Auto clean technology forces the residues into an oil collector. It has a touch control operating panel and two LED lights.

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