Ali Riaz Malik

Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik Chairman of Bahria Town Biography Details

One of the famous business personalities in Pakistan, who serves as the CEO of the famous Bahria Town is none other than Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik. He is well-known about making great achievements in the past few years which helps him to take his business to another level. Though he has a rich background due to his father Malik Riaz Hussain, a famous and renowned real estate entrepreneur, Ali Riaz Malik got this name and fame due to his hard work with a great fight in his competing business. He deals all his business with great knowledge and thus, it is not at all enough even if we say him a business savvy. He is more than that in dealing with business matters.

Ali Riaz Malik


A Young CEO, Ali Riaz Malik, who is the billionaire in Pakistan, is well-known as Philanthropists. He helps the needy people regularly.

Education and Professional life:

Coming to his biography part, Ali Riaz Malik Bahria Town was born in the year 1978 and he is basically from Rawalpindi. In his younger age itself, he had a keen interest in the field of construction because of which he used to go with his father abroad for business meetings to learn the art of construction. One of his visits to Dubai first inspired him when he saw the astonishing skyscrapers. At that point, Ahmed Ali Riaz decided to develop his own country with such great towering buildings. He has done his schooling in the Beacon House School and completed his education in the year 1999. Soon after finishing his studies, he joined the hands with his father to make great achievements in the real estate business. Also, it is important to share this news that his father is the 7th richest man in Pakistan and the chairman and founder of Bahria Town Private Limited.

He has not become the CEO of the Bahria Town directly when he steps into the business, but he slowly reached this position with his great hard work and dedication. Initially, he was a procurement manager in the Sales & Marketing Department of Bahria Town. Later he got some promotions and upgraded to the designation of Project Manager in 2005. While working as a manager, he handled most of the big construction projects with much effort that are going to launch in the coming years.His great effort of handling such difficult projects, he finally became the CEO of Bahria Town in the year 2007. The reason for his growth is the way of handling the business in a different way that leads to success, thus needless to say he is business savvy. Finally, he took his firm to another level by making it a 1 billion USD worth company.

Personal Life of Ahmed Ali Riaz Bahria Town

Ali Riaz Malik father is Malik Riaz Hussain and he has got a sister in their family. After seeing some success in his business, he tied his knot with Mubashra Ali Malik in the year 2003. His wife born in the year 1983 and her background is from the rich sugar refineries business family. After she got married to Ahmed Ali Riaz, she also started doing help and favors for the poor and needy people in the country. One of her great contributions was opening and taking care of the new Dastarkhwans where they serve daily meals twice a day to around 1,50,000 poor people within Pakistan.

Projects managed and supervised by Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik at Bahria Town:

Ahmd Ali Riaz Malik Bahria Town handled various projects in the business by utilizing his great knowledge and business-savvy mind that helps him to achieve what he wants to. One such biggest achievement is the establishment of “Pakistan’s first-ever Island city”. This agreement helps to start the construction of the Bundle and Bodha islands within the city of Karachi.

With his great idea and perception, the Bahria Town began to handle many new projects like DHA Smart City Islamabad,Bahria town Karachi and Bahria Town Lahore. Along with these projects, his team members are also working hard in the construction of the third biggest Masjid in Pakistan. This Masjid is coming with a Sports City and Golf City precincts. Such a project is considered to be the great landmark of the whole country.


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