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3 Blade Fan vs 4 Blade fan – which is better?

For the Indian climate, a ceiling fan is a necessity for every house. And selecting a proper one for your house is critical. Once you invest in a ceiling fan, you can enjoy its benefits for many years. So, selecting a really good model is beneficial. For the hot and sweaty climate, air-conditioner is the best appliance. However, many households still like to use fans over air-conditioners as it circulates fresh air. Selecting a fan is tricky as it comes in different types with advancements in technology and demands. The most popular type is the one with 3 blades. Many people argue that 4 blade ceiling fan is much better than 3 blades and vice versa. In this article, let us compare both the models.

A 3 blade fan is most popular in India due to many reasons. As there are more models available in the market, this 3 blade fans are comparatively less in cost and appeals to normal person too. The look that they have is good and pleasing. The blade balance is excellent. Along with all these advantages, it has the most important pro of all. There are some high speeds that you can go with these 3 blade fans. The motor does not show any damages with high speeds. The air moves quite fast and spreads in good way. These blades have good width for the room dimensions. On the other hand, these 3 blade fans have some disadvantages too. They might make more noise and are not good to be used in an air-conditioner room. The person under the fan gets enough air, but the whole room might not get the coolness.

The 4 blade fans are quite popular among high-end families. These fans have more stylish looks compared to the 3 blade fans. They can easily mix in your interior and have a cute look too. The blades tend to make less noise compared to the 3 blade. You might almost not notice that the fan is running. These fans can be used along with air-conditioner as the air moves slower, this does not make your air conditioned room warmer. As said, on the downside, these 4 blade ceiling fans are expensive. With the more number of blades, the air flow is slow. So, if you wish to use this fan in hot summer, they might not be that much effective. On top of this, the motor tend to have aerodynamic drag. So, there might be problems that occur to the motor and you need to frequently change and power costs are also high as they use more power.

Now that you have seen both the blade types, you might have got an idea that lesser number of blades are efficient with air flow. Hence, if you wish to have a fan for this purpose, 3 blade is your perfect choice. On the other hand, if you want to have a fan for décor and in air conditioned rooms, then 4 blade is an excellent choice.

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